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Bienvenu du Rouret, village provinšal

This site has been created to enable friends to read our 2002 Christmas letter on line.

The picture above was taken at 17:30 on the 6th February 2002 from our bedroom window, following the first day of rain that we have had since November last year; the hill at the foot of the Alpes is called Pic de Courmettes and at 1248m is higher than the Skafell (978m) in England.

I might add a couple of pages later concerning things that I feel strongly about, or I might add a bit of family history; but that will have to be later when I feel the time to be right. Whatever I do add will be for my family, but of course friends can always look too! 

Click on the crib to read our 2003 Christmas letter
Click on the crib to read our 2002 Christmas letter

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